Express Exchange


GAZEAL is a game-changing product that makes an Offer to purchase a property binding when accepted. Currently, more than 1 in 3 house sales fail to Exchange. This rate doubles when there are 3 or more properties in a chain. What does this cost you and your agency?

In England & Wales, an agreement to buy or sell a house is worthless until Exchange of Contracts. Until then, it is not legally binding. The conveyancing process takes weeks, and while the lawyers do their checks, problems arise; Buyers can pull out, no legal protection and gazumping are common place.
Gazeal is a new system for property sales, which binds both parties when they are ready to agree a deal. Neither side can walk away, or move the goalposts. This new process eliminates gazumping.

Lock in your Buyers & Sellers

With GAZEAL, both parties are legally bound to the deal (subject to Title Verification). Once your Seller agrees to a price, the deal is locked in. No more time wasters. It’s a win for everyone.

The Title is held in Escrow by Gazeal Limited. We manage the legal process (in association with the parties’ solicitors and our specialist insurance partners). If the Title passes our Verification Process, Exchange happens automatically.

The Buyer also benefits from Title Insurance cover* as part of the GAZEAL package, for complete peace of mind.


Improve Your Product Offering

GAZEAL prevents your deals from falling through while improving your product offering.

Contact Gazeal today through PMIL for further information about our new Title Escrow Service and to find out how you can get £200 commission for your first deal then £100 for every deal thereafter only available from PMIL.

Getting Started

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